Diverse insights into sustainability initiatives in 14 origins world-wide

Under the title of “Responsible Sourcing Report”,Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) has proudly launched its first public and digital Corporate-Responsibility Report. It provides insights into NKG’s global sustainability strategy and features impressive numbers and hands-on examples of established farm-level initiatives in producing countries.

Just one glance at the following world map of all existing initiatives and the most important key figures shows the creative and substantial efforts made by the group companies in 2018.

“At NKG, we are unconditionally committed to the coffee producing countries and the coffee producer. Without these millions of coffee farming families, the enduring success of coffee as a modern and highly desirable everyday luxury would be unthinkable. We see our strong presence at the coffee origins and our worldwide network as key assets for promoting responsible sourcing within our industry.” – says David M. Neumann, NKG’s Group CEO.

Thanks to the commitment by our group companies to these initiatives, since 2011, the number of beneficiaries increased by almost five times: Across all initiatives, NKG reached more than 130,000 beneficiaries in 2018 through sustainability initiatives at origin. 95% of these “beneficiaries” stand for farmers and their families. Further 5% reach extended members of local communities: farm worker, teenager and children.

Over the last years, NKG’s sustainability approach has grown from decentralized project work to a much more hollistic approach at group level, which includes a wide spectrum of services that support farmers locally and leads to sustainable benefits for both roasters and farmers (see graphic to the left).


“Sustainability is a core business competence of NKG. With this interactive report, we invite you to join us on a journey to the origin countries of coffee and to learn more about our business approach to sustainability. Meet the producers behind our initiatives and hear for yourself what coffee really means to them.” – says Sonja König, who heads NKG’s Corporate Responsibility department in Hamburg.


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We are already sourcing from many of the NKG sustainability initiatives in 14 countries across Africa, Asia, Central and South America. The sales profit goes partially and directly to the initiatives and thus to the farmers themselves.

This is only a small selection of sustainable coffees which we will extend in the future and give you more background and insight to these initiatives:


More NKG initiative coffees are coming soon…

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