Ranulfo Tobias


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Region :              Campo das Vertentes, Minas Gerais
Altitude :            1,000–1,200 masl
Process :             Natural

Variety :              Icatu
Grade:                   Sc.14+
Q Score :              86

High body, ripe fruit acidity, very sweet..
Complex flavours with raspberry Pez candy, apricot, milk chocolate and lingering toffee aftertaste.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


Ranulfo Tobias started working in coffee in 2001. His farm, Finca Lobeira, is located in the Lagoinha community, in San Francisco de Paula.
Coffee production is a family business for the Tobias: he works with his wife and receives help from his two children Hithallo and Victoria.

Environment-conscious, they strive to find new ways of improving their agricultural practices, through bush management, CMC certification, agrochemical reduction and water preservation. “Our main source of water comes from the river, we wanted to preserve its natural course and we are mindful of the way we use it, because we want to leave the environment intact for the next generations.”

Thanks to their focus on quality, they have earned the top spots in the Forca Cafe competition and earned the recognition of their peers as well as the attention of international coffee buyers. “I am very pleased to know that our coffee is being recognized by other families.”


HRNS Competion: Força Café

Forca Cafe is a competition organised by HRNS do Brasil and our sister company Stockler. It is a celebration of the best coffees in Minas Gerais that promotes smallholders producers and encourages the improvement of agronomy practices and cup quality, and as a result, profitability.

In addition, the competition was linked to the foundation Casa da Criança, a community center in San Antônio do Amparo that offers crucial youth services and adult classes.


Casa de Criança e Jovem Amparense

Casa da Criança was founded by Mr. José Carlos Avelar in the 80’s with the aim of giving social support to children from poorer communities of Santo Antônio do Amparo.

In the 1990’s Mrs. Abigail Leite Valadão A. took an active role in supporting the project and extended the infrastructure of the small house with the construction of the current building, where courses in carpentry, handcrafts, cooking, typing and music were held for children and families. The house was closed for 10 years and reopened in 2016. In the first year following its re-opening, Casa da Criança supported 300 young people and their families, and offered 16 professional courses and social activities; created and leveraged sport initiatives such as the Taekwondo Project, the Sports Project and Music Classes; and innovated in the coffee sector by creating, in partnership with SENAR MG, the first vocational course for the rural youth in Brazil, focusing on training young people to work in coffee mechanization.  

The painting contest by NKG – Fazenda da Lagoa in partnership with municipal institutions and local schools called “O Mundo do Café”, portrayed the vision of youngsters on coffee production. This motivated the Neumann Gruppe to invest in sustainability and income generating projects for young people of the community. Under the initiative of Hanns Neumann Stiftung do Brasil, a committee with representatives from institutions of the municipality was formed, and the idea of integrating the Youth Project with Casa da Criança was established.

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