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Region:          Kayanza
Altitude:       1,800–1,900 masl
Process:         Washed

Variety:          Bourbon
Grade:              A 
Q Score:          85.5

Very sweet, smooth and coating texture, excellent structure. Lots of caramel,
soft citric acidity. Will make an excellent espresso.


Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


Dusangirijambo is a smallholder cooperative situated in the Mururui hills of Kayanza, northern Burundi, whose name means ”Bringing ideas together”. The cooperative was created in 2013, and is part of the COCOCA union. COCOCA (Consortium of Coffee Growers Cooperatives) is a group of cooperative representing around 13,000 members in 42 member cooperatives around Burundi who collectively own a dry mill in Kayanza. 

Dusangirijambo primary focus has been on the promotion of farmers and community development . In 2012, the cooperative built its own coffee washing station near the small Kinzobe village and has since been certified Fairtrade(2013), UTZ and RFA(2017). Their efforts and dedication culminated two years ago when they won the Cup of Excellence for the first time.

As motored vehicles are a rare sight in rural Burundi and roads are generally in poor shape, the cooperative organizes coffee cherry collection two times a week from several local collection points. The farmers pick their cherries according to the collection schedule which ensures the coffee fruits are fresh when they are processed at the washing station.
Coffee is de-pulped,  soaked and fermented in fresh water, then laid to dry on raised beds that help facilitate airflow and even-drying as a result.

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