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Region :                   Songa
Altitude :                 1600–1,750 masl
Process :                 
Variety :                    Bourbon
Grade :                       A

Q Score :                   85.25

Sweet, citric acidity, high body, coating. Dark chocolate, caramel, apricot.
It will make an excellent espresso.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio:

Kawazamurabawe means “Coffee raises up farmers”, was born from the association of coffee growers formed in 2013 around the Bururi province. As road access is often difficult and very few people own motorized vehicles, one of the cooperative’s main focuses is the quick collection of coffee cherries from its 150 member producers. 

The coffee is hand-sorted. In the washed process, the coffee cherries are fermented in tanks using a single-fermentation process and then dried in the sun for 7 days, using a humidity meter device and moved regularly to achieve even drying. Once dried the parchment coffee is moved to the warehouse to be assessed,  graded and stored in cool conditions to maintain quality.

Kawazamurabawe benefits from a skilled permanent work force in the surrounding areas who have the knowledge and expertise to produce high quality coffee consistently.  

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