Mirango #17


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Region :              Vyanda, Bururi
Altitude :           1,500–1,800 masl
Process :           
Variety :             Bourbon
Grade :                 A

Q Score :             86

Aroma: Apricot, jammy, caramel
Cup: Super juicy, clean, citrus, raspberry. Excellent structure. Very good for espresso..

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio:

This coffee comes from the Mirango washing station near Vyanda, a town in the Bururi district, southern Burundi. The washing stations was built in 2015 and now processes the crop of 135 smallholders. It is part of the Duharanirikawa Cooperative.


Duharanirikawa Cooperative:

Duharanirikawa was formed in 2012 in the Bururi province. It means “Protecting coffees of all kinds”


The coffee is hand-sorted. In the washed process, the coffee cherries are fermented in tanks using a single-fermentation process and then dried in the sun for 7 days, using a humidity meter device and moved regularly to achieve even drying. Once dried the parchment coffee is moved to the warehouse to be assessed,  graded and stored in cool conditions to maintain quality.

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