Region :                  Ntega
Altitude :               1,500-1,700 masl
Variety:                  Bourbon
Grade :

Q Score:                 86.5

Super juicy, complex acidity, rounded, excellent balance.
Stone fruit profile with clear apricot.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


The Twungurane is a cooperative situated in Ntega, Kimundo Province. They built their washing station in 2012 on the outskirt of the village of Gihome, and currently count 614 members and are Fairtrade and UTZ certified. The coop offers services & programs to respond to its members’ needs including production workshops and direct access to the market as a mean to increase farmers’ income.

Twungurane is one of the seven founding cooperatives at the heart of the COCOCA union. COCOCA (Consortium of Coffee Growers Cooperatives) is a group of cooperative representing around 13,000 members in 42 member cooperatives around Burundi who collectively own a dry mill in Kayanza.

This natural lot was hand-picked & hand-sorted before it was dried on African raised beds for 15 days. Once the cherries reached the desired moisture content they were transported to their collective dry mill to be pulped, sorted by bean size, and polished to be readied for export.

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