Costa Rica
Comunidad Santa Cruz


Region :                Tarrazu
Altitude :              1,600–1,700 masl
Process :               
Variety :                Mixed
Grade :                   
Q Score:                85

Bright and juicy acidity, smooth texture lingering sweetness.
Green grapes, citrus & caramel.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


The Coffees name refers the small Community/Town of Santa Cruz in the Tarrazu region where the coffee is harvested.

A group of 20 small producers with pristine farms over 100 hectares in the small and charming Community of Santa Cruz have been selected to create the best representation of this special nano-region in Tarrazu.

In order to ensure only the ripest cherries are picked we choose the best days of harvest on each farm and also paid a premium for better selection.
We believe this approach is allowing more complexity in the cup while rewarding the farmers that are committed with producing and picking high quality. The cherries that are picked each day are taken to Palmichal Mill, where the coffee is carefully processed.

Our sister company in Costa Rica, CECA, started the community project in the 2014-15 harvest and looks forward to continue strengthening the relationships between high quality committed producers and high quality focused buyers. The objective is to maintain the well-known essence of a good fully washed Costa Rican Coffee while keeping full traceability to the producing families involved.

Ceca is involved in a series of CSR activities that contribute to improve the lives of people that work directly and indirectly with our company. The main CSR element within this specific quality (Santa Cruz) revolves in the essence of the project itself. It’s simple, more money to producers that are committed with creating higher quality.


Hand-picked, floater separation, pulped, washed mechanically with a Centriflux (removes surface water), then dried in drum dryers that don’t exceed 37.5ºC.
Once the coffee is dried to 11% humidity it will rest for 2 Months before being hauled out of the parchment. It then goes through weight, screen, density and colour sorting.

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