Costa Rica
Hacienda Sonora Sarchimor


Region :                Central Valley
Altitude :             1,300 masl
Process :               
Variety :                Sarchimor
Grade :                   
Q Score:               86.5

Red berries and rose water aromas. Bright and complex, very sweet.
Red berries, tangerine and dark chocolate in the cup. Smooth finish. Lingering caramel.

** 30kg Vacuum-Packed **

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


In Costa Rica’s Central Valley, Hacienda Sonora sits at the foot of the active Poás Volcano. On this 100-hectare farm, 65 hectares are dedicated to shade coffee, 10 hectares to sugarcane and 25 hectares are wild forest reserve.

Alberto Guardia began growing coffee at Hacienda Sonora 45 years ago. His son Diego was born and raised on Sonora and then left to earn a Mechanical Engineering degree at San Diego State University. After graduating, he worked for two years as a construction engineer in California, before deciding to return home to work with his father and improve and maintain the farm’s operation.

Sonora’s coffees grow amongst indigenous trees and other diverse vegetation that provide a great environment for quality and improve the chemistry of soil that’s already naturally rich from volcanic ash. Thanks to the farm’s diverse ecosystem, many different species of birds and animals make their homes on the land.

Hacienda Sonora has well-earned its reputation for producing high-quality micro-lots featuring single varieties and unique processing preparations.
They also strives to have a positive impact on the environment and the people that surround its business.  The entirety of the electricity used at Hacienda Sonora, including milling facilities, comes from renewable sources and is produced at the farm.


The Sarchimor group of varities is the result of decades of research. The World Coffee Research indicates, “Breeders in Portugal began work to create new varieties of coffee that would be resistant to the disease, but also have a compact stature that could be planted more densely. One of the rust-resistant Timor Hybrid plants, called HDT CIFC 832/2, was crossed with compact Villa Sarchi to create hybrid 361 (H361). The hybrid was dubbed “Sarchimor.” It’s important to note that, contrary to common belief, “Sarchimor” is not itself a distinct variety. Instead, it is a group of many different distinct varieties with similar parentage.”

At Hacienda Sonora there has been knowledge of the several varieties that compose the Sarchimor group for years. Hence, after years of experimenting with multiple Sachimores, the team at Sonora has been able to select the best type in terms of cup, yield and rust tolerance.

Hacienda Sonora’s signature Sarchimor is a beautiful varietal that is enhanced with great farm and milling practices.


The cherries are hand-picked and sorted in a water tank to separate floaters from ripe cherries.  The cherries are dried whole (the entire fruit remains on the beans) in black tarp for 12 days and organised in different layers depending on the drying stage. One of the key practices in avoiding fermentation and mold formation is to cover the coffee cherries at night to prevent moisture re-absorption. When the cherries reach 14% moisture, they are bagged and left to rest in the warehouse for 3 days in order to ensure the moisture is uniformly spread amongst all the beans.
A mechanical dryer is used the final stage of drying at temperatures that never exceed 35C to promote better uniformity and keep the beans’ structure intact. Once the coffee reaches a humidity of 10.5% it rests for 2 Months before being hulled out of the dry husk, and sorted through weight, screen size, density and colour sorting equipment.

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