Costa Rica
Hacienda Tobosi – Villa Sarchi Honey

Exclusive Series

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Region :                   Tarrazú, Copey de Dota
Farm :                       Copey
Owners :                 Hacienda Tobosi

Altitude :                 1,900 masL
Process :                 
Variety :                   Yellow Catuai
Q Score :                  87.25

Bright and complex acidity, silky texture.
Citrus, honey, vanilla and raisin on the finish.


** 30kg Vacuum-Packed **

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio:

Finca Tobosi and Finca Copey de Dota were grouped together under the name “Hacienda Tobosi” to share a recognizable name on the international specialty market.
Tobosi previously was a plantation of ornamentals, and Finca de Copey was a paddock and wild forest. When coffee was first considered as a crop, the different areas of the farms were carefully analyzed in order to determine which variety would thrive in different conditions. As a result the land was clearly separted in different plots.

The farms are managed with friendly cultural practices and quality controls based on environmental protection. Each lot has its soil and foliar analysis to define which nutrient is what it needs for the optimal development of the grain and the plant. A forest nursery was also created to provide the farms with shade, trees of Cuajiniquil (Inga sapindoides.), Arrayan (Weinmannia fagaroides), Manzanita or Australian cherry (Syzygium paniculata), Candelillo (Senna spectabilis) and Poro (Erythrina poeppigiana) were planted.



The coffee cherries are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, thus making sure it has the best possible sweetness and flavour prior processing.  

50% of the fruit was left on the seeds for this yellow honey process before being dried for 15 days on African raised beds.


Hacienda Tobosi’s CoE track record:

2017 Cup of Excellence 1st, 18th and 26th place
2018 Cup of Excellence 2nd, 7th and 22nd place
2019 Cup of Excellence 1st, 3rd and 16th place

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Hacienda Tobosi Location:


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