Costa Rica
Los Vindas – Typica Black Honey


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Region :                   Tarrazú
Farm :                       Cerro Los Vindas
Owners :                 Eduardo, Leonel and Gerardo Vindas

Altitude :                1,500 masL
Process :                 
Black Honey
Variety :                   Typica
Q Score :                  85.75

Very vibrant, juicy and super clean.
Notes of fresh citrus, cherry and butterscotch finish.

** 30kg Vacuum-Packed **

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio:

During 1967, the three Vindas brothers Eduardo, Leonel and Gerardo purchased their first hectares of land from a cattle farmer and continued producing milk and cheese for the 1,500 inhabitants of Palmichal.

Two years later, Eduardo, Leonel and Gerardo started to grow the first coffee seedlings on the steep slopes of the Tacuotarí mountains, where nobody else even dared to think of growing coffee on these spectacular slopes. The three brothers were convinced that the volcanic soil combined with the smooth, pacific-influence and relatively dry climate were ideal for coffee growing. They planted Caturra and Catuaí trees which have contributed to protecting the crystalline river going through their land and preventing erosion on the mountain slopes.



Typica is both low yielding and highly susceptible to major coffee diseases, in most of Costa Rica it has been gradually replaced by stronger and more productive varietals. We are happy that the Vindas brothers have kept some of these plants at their farm. The smoothness complexity in the cup are worth the extra effort.



This coffee was processed at Palmichal Micro Mill. The depulper was calibrated so that only the skin is removed from the fruits whilst 100% of the mucilage is preserved.

The coffee was slowly dried on a concrete patios over 12 days. The final phase of the drying process was carried in a carefully calibrated mechanical drier for a better uniformity in humidity levels.

The coffee is then rested in parchment for two months before it is sorted by weight, density, size, and colour.

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Los Vindas  Location:

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