Costa Rica
Steven Mora Caturra


Region :                   Central Valley
Altitude :                1,400 masl
Process :                 
Variety :                   Caturra
Grade :                      SHG

Q Score :                  86.75

Very sweet and juicy. Complex acidity, high body. Citrus peel, cranberry juice, tropical notes, chocolate.

** 30kg Vacuum-Packed **

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


Steven Mora Caturra Natural was produced by Steven Vargas of Café Don Sabino.
Steven is the grandson of the founder Don Sabino and has specially prepared these lots together with his father Gilberth Vargas Acuña. 

Our colleague in Ceca Costa Rica, Diego Guardia (who is also the producer of Sonora Coffees) suggested this coffee to us and affectionately refers to Steven as “Mora”, which in Spanish is a type raspberry commonly found in Costa Rica, due to the sweet Berry characters of his coffees. 


Café Don Sabino has a long history in coffee over many generations since 1940. It was founded by Readero Vargas who was a pioneer in coffee activity in the area. 

Don Sabino had four sons: the youngest son Don Gilberth Vargas carried on the families great passion, expanding and developing the family business. He was responsible for major changes in its activities. In Recent times Steven Vargas, affectionately known by his peers as Steven ‘Mora’ has modernised production methods and coffee processing, delivering high scoring coffees. 

In 2010 Don Gilberth Vargas together with his family decided to focus on the development of specialty coffees. Now directed by his son Steven Sabino Vargas Bastos, who with his tireless delivery and passion has managed to position Café Don Sabino in the premium American, Asia-Pacific and European Markets. 

They grow each variety in well-defined parcels,  handling each of them separately, in order to obtain the best possible cup quality. 

Coffee pickers are trained to pick fully ripe coffee cherries with an almost winey red appearance as they call it at Don Sabino, Coffee is then transported in bags to the Don Sabino micro mill. Immediately upon receipt coffee is reviewed and measured then unloaded and stored on African drying beds. Coffee is turned every half hour during the day, at 2 pm in the afternoon coffee is removed and rested with a special plastic or canvas to protect it from the night conditions. This prevents fermentation and insures a slow, even drying that will create delicate exotic profiles with clear flavours.


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