Location :          Central America

Capital:               San José

Population:     5.05M

Languages:     Spanish

Harvest :                   November – March

Coffee Prod. :        1.5M bags

Port of Export :    Puerto Limón, Puerto Moin

Certifications:      N/A

Arabica Production in Million bags (2018)


Typically, coffees from Costa Rica tend to have a low-to-medium body with a soft fruity acidity and notes of white grapes, chocolate and caramel.
Microlots offer a wider spectrum of profiles thanks to the flavour modulation made possible by advanced processing technics and experimental varieties.



Our sister-company CECA has done a fantastic work over the years and been able to offer great quality, consistently by fostering the relationships they have with coffee farmers.
More notoriously, Finca La Sonora has been a great partner  and produced some fantastic exclusive microlots for us.

Other Producing Countries