Location :        Central America

Capital:             San Salvador

Population:   6.5M

Languages:    Spanish

Harvest :                    December – March

Coffee Prod. :        0.6M bags

Port of Export :     Santo Tomas (Guatemala)

Certifications:      N/A

Arabica Production in Million bags (2018)


The majority of Salvadorian coffee is Bourbon and its natural mutations, giving the cup a very enjoyable balance of soft acidity, fruity sweetness and coating mouthfeel, with stone fruit flavours.



We have just started working with CAFE PACAS (2021), led by Fernando Pacas and his children Maria, Marcela and Juan. Coffee production started in the 1800s in the Pacas family, making Maria and her siblings the fifth generation of coffee farmers.

In 1949, their great-grandfather, Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa, discovered a new now-famous, disease-resistant and high-yielding dwarf variety that was eventually named after him and grown all around central America: the Pacas variety!

El Salvador has faced unrest and gang violence for several years- CAFE PACAS sponsors an anti-violence program in two schools that promotes conflict solving skills and quality education to give children the best possible start in life.


Other Producing Countries