Location :        East Africa

Capital:             Addis Ababa

Population:   115M

Languages:    Amharic, Oromo

Harvest :                    October – January

Coffee Prod. :        7M bags

Port of Export :     Djibouti

Certifications:      Organic

Arabica Production in Million bags (2018)


Generally known for their unique floral and bergamot flavours, Ethiopian coffees can offer very diverse flavour profiles ranging from stone fruit (apricot, peach) to tropical fruits (mango, pineapple) and wild berry notes in Natural coffees (blueberry, strawberry, etc..)


We are fortunate to have our own team on the ground: NKG Ethiopia. Our representative office in Addis Ababa was created in 2007 with the objective of representing the interests of NKG group companies in one of the most complex coffee supply chains in the world.

Under the leadership of Tsion Taye, NKG Ethiopia offer a wide variety of services from identifying local partners in all coffee producing areas of Ethiopia, Quality assurance, logistics management, and even coffee trips for coffee roasters who want to better understand coffee production in the country.



Ethiopia has a population comprising of more than 80 ethnic groups – with own diverse culture, religion and way of life. As many as 82 languages (with 120 different dialects) are spoken throughout the country.

Ethiopia is widely acknowledged to be the legendary birthplace of coffee. Being the center of origin and biodiversity for Arabica, the country plays a key role in safeguarding the genetic biodiversity and thereby sustaining the global coffee production.

Coffee is considered as the backbone of Ethiopia’s economy, being the main source of income for the country.

The crop has paramount socioeconomic importance, by supporting the livelihoods of millions of households that are directly or indirectly dependent on the product. Over 75% of the work in the coffee value chain is carried out by women.


Since its discovery, coffee has been widely in use in Ethiopia in different forms. The beverage has been at the heart of Ethiopia’s culture for centuries, with the coffee ceremony woven into the country’s social fabric.

With a domestic consumption volume that surpasses 50% of its total production, Ethiopia is the leading coffee producing country in production / consumption ratio.





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