La Libertad SHB


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Region :               Huehuetenango
Altitude :            1,500 masl
Process :              Washed

Variety :               Bourbon, Pache, Catuai, Typica
Grade :                  SHB EP

Q SCORE :           84.75

Aromas: Dark chocolate, white grapes, citrus
Cup: Excellent acidity, silky texture and high sweetness.
Notes of white grapes, apple, caramel and a smooth toffee finish.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


This coffee is produced by smallholder members of the Esquipulas co-operative in Huehuetenango. There, the conditions are about as perfect as you can get: a high altitude – over 1,500 meters – a fertile volcanic soil, and beautiful sunshine over the valleys.

Each farmer pulps and washes their coffee on their farm. Those who can will deliver their parchment coffee to the warehouse, otherwise the coop organises several collections every week. At the warehouse, the staff immediately weigh the bags, take a sample to do a defect count and measure the moisture content. They record their findings and issue a ticket to the producers so that they can get a first payment at the cooperative. 

Samples are sent to the cooperative’s QC lab where they are roasted and cupped by trained cuppers. The farmers are given feedback based on the cupping results on how to further improve quality through attention to post-harvest process. They will receive a second payment depending on quality, and a possible premium at the end of the season if the coffee sold at a high price / microlot price. 

The Esquipulas co-operative doesn’t just provide guidance in producing high-quality coffee but plays an important role in the general development of the area. They operate a health care centre and pharmacy which provides services to community members at subsided costs. They also employ agronomists who monitor the coffee fields of the members, providing assistance when needed. With ~40 employees, the co-operative is also an important source of employment in the area.

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