Bettadamalali Peaberry

Estate Coffee

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Region :               Chikmaglur, Karnataka
Altitude :            1,200 masl
Process :             Washed

Variety :              SLN 795, Chandragiri
Grade :                  Plantation PB

Q Score :              83.75

Aromas: Malt, caramel, brown sugar
Cup: Heavy body, creamy mouthfeel, excellent structure.
Roasted hazelnut, brown sugar, white grapes and malt.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio

Located high in the hills and valleys of the Sahyadris (also known as Western Ghats), the rich volcanic soil, pristine water, crisp air, and tending from the stewards of the land result in making excellent quality coffee beans.

The coffee is one-hundred percent shade-grown under a mix of planted and native trees. The combination of shade and high altitude on the estate makes the coffee bean mature slower than coffee grown at lower altitude, thus producing a sweet and well-rounded cup.

There are several varieties of arabica coffee grown there. Cultivars from the yester years like Sln.795, Sln.9, and Sln. 5B occupy much of the area. Other recently introduced varieties such as Chandragiri, Hemavathy, Sachimore, Cutwai are also being planted in newer plots. 


Quality and Traceability

Quality and sustainability are a prime focus, ensuring that the coffee production on the estate has no impact on the environment.

There are checks done and measurements taken at several points along the production chain to maintain traceability, keep quality consistent, preserve the sanctity of the environment, and the safety of the people who work there.

Upon harvest, each lot of coffee is given a unique number. Each lot number can be traced to a precise date and location of harvest, the variety of the plant, the processing method, the moisture content of the lot after drying, and the grade percentage of the beans.


Harvesting and Processing

The harvest season begins around the end of November and progresses until mid-March. 
Every coffee cherry is hand-picked. This method of harvesting guarantees that only the ripe, crimson-red cherries are picked from the plant, consequently ensuring a sweet and clean cup of coffee that is free from any off taste produced as a result of picking green and un-ripe cherries.


This coffee is fully washed. First, the cherries are run through a depulper to separate the pulp from the beans. The beans are then naturally fermented and once the fermentation is complete, they are washed in clean water before being sun-dried in the drying yards.

Bettadamalali have also been exploring naturals and honey coffee (pulp sun- dried). Experimental lots produced during the 2019-20 season showed promising results so we might explore this further in the future.



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