Estate Coffee

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Region :               Chikmaglur, Karnataka
Altitude :            1,200 masl
Process :             Washed

Variety :              SLN 795, Chandragiri
Grade :                  Plantation AB

Q Score :              83.75

Aromas: Malt, caramel, brown sugar
Cup: Heavy body, creamy mouthfeel, excellent structure.
Roasted hazelnut, brown sugar, white grapes and malt.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio

Doddengudda Estate sits high in the mountains near Chikmagalur and neighbours the luxurious forest in Western Ghats mountain range. This region has been recognized as one of the 12 most eco-sensitive and bio-diverse zones on the planet.
The coffee trees are sheltered by two lush canopies of old jungle trees like Rosewood, White Cedar, Red Cedar, Ficus, Silver Oak etc., and a lower canopy of soft wood trees. Native wildlife such as deer, elephants, wild boar and peacocks are abundant.

The coffee cherries are handpicked by the spiritual masters of the land, the tribesmen who live in the region.  The harvesting of the cherries is done in 3 rounds, taking care that only the ripe ones are harvested. The cherries are then carefully sorted by hand.
On the same day, the cherries are pulped using machines that have been adapted to the local conditions. They are naturally fermented until they reach a perfect pre-washed state. Once the mucilage is completely broken down, it is softly washed using minimum pressure.
All the coffees are sun-dried to a moisture level of exactly 10% and then stocked in clean and ventilated warehouses.

The majority of their coffee trees are of the Kent variety, developed by the scientist L P Kent. The coffee strain called “#795” was selected to be grown on the estate.


Doddengudda Estate are environment-conscious and take measures to reduce the pollution caused by coffee production: the water used during the washing process is recycled, and the solid waste materials (eg: pulp and parchment) are composted and used as fertilizer.

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