Kagwanja AB


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Coop :                   Komothai F.C.S.
Region :              Kiambu
Altitude :           1,700–1,800 masl
Process :             
Fully Washed
Variety :             SL 28, SL 34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Grade :               
Q Score:             87.5

** Vacuum Packed**

Aroma: Red apple, caster sugar, floral. Clove on break
Cranberry, red apple, florals, layered and juicy.

Very complex acidity, silky texture, lime coming through at lower temperature.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


Kagwanja is located in the Kiambu disctric and is one of Komothai FCS ‘s 13 washing stations. It receives coffee from 660 farmers in the area who collectively produce 850 bags per year.

The region’s soil is mostly clay loam and sits on the slopes of the Aberdare mountains. The flowering happens between February and April and the harvest takes place between October and December.


The cherries are hand-sorted before pulping. The resulting parchment coffee is then fermented overnight in tanks in order to break down the remaining mucilage. After fermentation, the parchment is then washed and graded into P1, P2, P3 and P lights. However, unlike most other F.C.S., Komothai don’t soak the parchment after washing.
The last stage is the drying, done on African raised beds, which takes between 9 and 15 days.

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