Chachapoyas G1


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Region :              Lonya Grande, Utcubamba
Altitude :           1,400–2,000 masl
Process :           
Variety :             Catimor, Gran Colombia, Castilla
Grade :                 G1

Q Score :             84.25

Very fragrant. Complex acidity, very smooth texture.
Notes of brown sugar, red apple, red berries and chocolate.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio:

The town of Lonya Grande is located in the province of Utcubamba, in the north-eastern part of Perú. The nearest city, Jaen, is a 4-hour drive away over the Cuaco mountain along the Marañon river. Lonya is named after a local native tribe who are the descendants of the ancient Chachapoyas people, also known as “the Warriors of the Clouds”.


Coffee is the most important agricultural activity in the area, although typically, the average farm size is pretty small with 1.50 ha and a yield of 10 bags of green coffee. Coffee trees are surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest with abundant rains from February until April and a perfect average temperature of 22°C. The soil is mainly made of black earth with high nitrogen content that provides the most important nutrients to the plants.


Leaning on nine decades of experience in coffee agriculture, the local coffee growers have refined their processing method to produce high quality coffees. This starts with the harvest (July – October) by only collecting ripe beans which guarantees high sweetness and a homogeneous lot. It continues with a full fermentation and washing process, before being immediately and thoroughly sundried on the farm to ensure that the coffee maintains it’s characteristic flavor till it reaches the consumer’s cup.

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