Region :                  Kilimanjaro
Altitude :               1,350 – 1,900 masl
Process :                Washed

Variety :                 Bourbon
Grade :                     AB FAQ

Q Score:                  82.75

Juicy citric acidity, smooth texture and rounded.
Stone fruit and caramel.


Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 


Situated at the foot of the highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro region offers the best conditions to grow arabica.
The volcanic soil is rich in minerals and most of the producers use the water coming down from the mountain to process their

Coffee was first commercially cultivated in the 19th century. The main varieties grown in northern Tanzania are Bourbon and Kent.



The cherries are selectively picked from the trees and pulped on the same day. After being pulped, the parchment is separated into heavies and lights and then separated again by gravity in the washing channels.
While the parchment is drying on raised beds, it is constantly checked for any visible defects which are hand-sorted. The parchment is dried for about 7-13 days and then delivered to the dry mill. There, the parchment is milled and sorted according to the Tanzania grading system.

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