Our global partner network of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG)


As a member of NKG, the world’s leading green coffee service group, we are able to work with over 50 sister group companies in 26 countries and
an even larger number of reliable partners beyond. All our partners at the point of origin support us immensely in our work by providing meticulous
quality control during every phase of production. We visit our local partners regularly to maintain these relationships and ensure we understand
the challenges they face. This way, we improve quality and invest permanently in innovation.

We are proud to represent our sister export companies and coffee farms

We can offer a full range of solutions including full containers on FOB or CIF basis as well as local drawdown in pallet quantities as required.
Our close relationship with NKG Farms and Exporters enables superior product customisation, traceability and most importantly of all,
reliability, with the full support of our local team.

Get in touch with the Australian team at InterAmerican Coffee to talk more about your green coffee needs and how we can help.

NKG Export Companies


NKG Stockler


SKN Caribecafé Ltda.

Costa Rica


Beneficio de Café Montecristo
NKG India

P.T. Berindo Jaya

Ibero Kenya & Tanzania

Exportadora de Café California, S.A. de C.V.
Papua New Guinea

New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports


Compañía Internacional del Café S.A.C.(COINCA)


Ibero Uganda

Neumann Gruppe Vietnam

NKG Farms


Fazenda da Lagoa

Finca Puebla

Kaweri Coffee Plantation

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What is NKG BLOOM?
NKG BLOOM is an initiative of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) to ensure the long-term viability of green coffee supplies by providing smallholder farmers with the opportunities and resources they need to run their farms at full potential and enter a pathway out of poverty. Through dedicated teams within NKG export companies, NKG BLOOM identifies and addresses barriers to farmer success and offers individuals and farmer groups bespoke combinations services centered around financing. Already changing lives in early markets, NKG BLOOM’s goal is to meaningfully improve the livelihoods of 300,000 coffee-farming families across 10 countries by the year 2030.

Can I get involved?
NKG BLOOM offers roasters a two-fold value proposition: Today, the possibility of participating in efforts that positively impact communities; and in the future, NKG BLOOM coffees. Please ask our team for more details, or visit nkgbloom.coffee for updates.

How does it work?

Farmer Services Units (FSUs)
Permanent FSUs are being set up within participating NKG export companies, o en building on existing efforts. These teams offer farmers the essential services they need to run their farms at full potential, including financing, inputs (fertilizers, etc.), seedlings for renovation, access to markets, information and infrastructure, as well as agronomy and business intelligence.

The Smallholder Livelihoods Financing Facility
Financing is often the core bottleneck faced by farmers. In a years-long effort, NKG worked with five organisations—USAID, IDH: The Sustainable Trade Initiative, and European banks ABN-AMRO, BNP Paribas and Rabobank—to create an innovative risk-sharing solution that minimises the risk of lending to some of the world’s poorest farmers. This $25 million revolving-credit facility creates a way for smallholder farmers and farmer groups to quickly and easily borrow needed funds.

Participating producers
Participating farmers are smallholders (they farm fewer than 30 hectares of coffee) and farmer organisations largely comprised of producers with fewer than 30 hectares. They commit to work in collaboration with our teams to run their farms as businesses and to improve upon prioritised social and environmental practices.

Global transparency and traceability
Technology is creating numerous possibilities to more efficiently provide services and share information along the value chain. A key component of NKG BLOOM is harnessing these possibilities, from apps for field staff, to payments via mobile money apps, to a platform enabling NKG customers to trace their coffees and learn about the services accessed by the farmers behind their coffees.


Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) is the world’s leading green coffee service group with 50 companies in 26 countries and more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Neumann Gruppe GmbH, the holding company located in Hamburg, directs and coordinates the individual business activities and steers the way forward. The group is privately owned and managed. Michael R. Neumann, son of the founder, grew and developed NKG after taking over the Bernhard Rothfos group in the late 80s. Since 2004, his son David M. Neumann has been steering and diversifying the group with his management team.

A unique network within the coffee sector
NKG is active in all areas of the value chain in green coffee and emphasises its total focus on green coffee as the sole purpose of the companies’ activities. Through its export companies, NKG has direct access to the entire world’s coffee production. With its unique network, NKG serves a highly diversified customer base of about 5,000 roaster clients on all continents, marketing about 10% of coffee consumed worldwide.

A strong partner along the green coffee value chain
The core business of the group consists of trade and distribution of all commercial grade coffees, specialty and certified coffees as well as soluble and other industrialised products.Its operative companies are active in coffee farming, farm management, preparation and milling, exporting, importing, logistics, warehousing and quality control. Other mainstays of NKG’s activities include coffee processing, supply of reliable and transparent market information, financial services, consulting and training in varied forms.

An active driver for a sustainable coffee economy
NKG is the industry leader in the marketing of certified sustainable coffee. To contribute to a truly sustainable coffee business, in 2019, NKG launched its novel long-term lighthouse project NKG BLOOM that will develop farmer livelihood programs in 10 coffee producing countries in the next years. For further information, please visit www.nkgbloom.coffee.In addition, NKG’s global group companies run and support numerous sustainability programs in their home countries. For more information, please refer to NKG’s Responsible Sourcing Report.