Costa Rica
La Cuesta – Caturra Black Honey


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Region :                   Tarrazú
Farm :                        La Cuesta
Owners :                 Gabriel Gamboa Nuñez

Altitude :                1,450 masL
Process :                 
Black Honey
Variety :                   Caturra
Q Score :                  86.75

Excellent balance: high body, creamy texture and high-quality acidity.
Notes of red apple, cola, hazelnut and a hint of citrus peel.


** 30kg Vacuum-Packed **

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio:

La Cuesta Farm is located in the sub-region of La Cuesta, in the Tarrazu Region. It was planted 25 years ago by Gabriel’s uncle.

Eventually his aunt inherited the farm and decided to sell it to a buyer named Chichi Navarro. Gabriel was able to buy it back about 10 years ago.

The name of the farm was given due to its location at La Cuesta.



This coffee was processed at La Palmichal Micro Mill. The depulper is calibrated so that only the skin is removed from the fruits whilst 100% of the mucilage is preserved.

The coffee was slowly dried on a concrete patios over 11 days. The final phase of the drying process was carried in a carefully calibrated mechanical drier for a better uniformity in humidity levels.

The coffee is then rested in parchment for two months before it is sorted by weight, density, size, and colour.

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La Cuesta Location:



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