Rodulfo López


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Region :               Huehuetenango
Altitude :            1,590 masL
Process :              Washed

Variety :               Caturra, Bourbon
Grade :                  SHB

Q SCORE :           85.75

Elegant coffee with a sweet, high-quality chocolate flavour dominant.
Complex acidity smooth texture and beautiful structure.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio

Rodulfo Lopez is a 61-year-old coffee farmer from Aldea El Coyegual in the municipality of San Antonio Huista. He has work in coffee for over 40years and has been a member of the Esquipulas Cooperative (Coopesqui, R.L) for 6 years.
He is a member of the “Baluarte Slow Food” project that champions special coffees from the highlands of Huehuetenango.

With the support of the Esquipulas Cooperative, Don Rodulfo has developed a robust farm management strategy and thorough processing protocols.
These steps have contributed to reducing the incidence of diseases on his plantation and led to a sizeable increase in productivity and cup quality
As a result, the sensory profile of his lots have consistently fetched higher prices on the international market and guaranteed a better quality of life for his family.

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