Guima Estates

Estate Coffee

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Region :                 Minas Gerais
Altitude :              950-1200 masl
Process :               

Variety :                 Mixed
Grade :                   
Q Score :                 84.5

Excellent soft acidity, sweet and structured cup. Very smooth and coating mouthfeel.
Milk Chocolate dominant, honey, cherry and a sweet hazelnut finish.

Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio:

Guima Estates is an award-winning and conservation-focused coffee farm group that’s proudly managed by women under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer Mariana Caetano Polcaro.
The Guima Estates consists of three neighboring coffee farms, each of which has a distinctive terroir: Fazenda São Lourenço is a flat, typical Cerrado savanna (Cerrado’s savannas are said to be among the most biodiverse in the world); Fazenda Brasis, nestled in woodlands; and Fazenda Santa Rita situated a valley planted with Bourbon variety.
In total, Guima covers 1,650 hectares, 900 hectares of which are coffee farmland and 346 of which are dedicated to native vegetation and to the preservation of Cerrado flora and fauna.
The Guima Café brand was established with the goal of producing high-quality coffees through a variety of environmentally focused practices, including reduced energy and water usage, more modern equipment with lower diesel consumption, the increased and more efficient use of “green” fertilizer, and giving a second life to agricultural “waste” products.
The estate also experiments with drought-tolerant and more productive and better-tasting varieties; precision agriculture; data-driven management decisions and new post-harvest techniques.In addition, Guima Estates are Utz and Rainforest Alliance certified. Guima also supports community gardening, cultural activities and environmental education programs in its community.
It has 90 permanent employees and approximately 200 temporary workers during the harvest season.Coffees are processed on the farm as natural or pulped natural and are dried on patios, raised beds and in drying machines.
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