Mario Santiz – Tangerine Blue Skull


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Region :              Chiapas
Altitude :           1,400 masl
Process :            Washed

Variety :              Sarchimore
Grade :                SHG         
Q Score:              87

Beautiful acidity, super juicy, excellent intensity. Tangerine, redcurrent and a hint of kiwi fruit.


Dominant Flavour 

Secondary Flavour 

Coffee Bio

Mario Santiz López was born in Chiapas, in the San José Buena Vista I community. From a very young age his parents taught him how to grow coffee.

His love for coffee continued throughout the years and eventually decided to buy his own parcel in Vista Hermosa with two hectares at a 1400 meters above sea level.


Farm Facts

The parcel he bought had been severely hit by the coffee rust so he decided to replant it with a coffee rust resistant variety, that also happens to be a high-yielding variety: Sarchimor.

As part of the sustainability program Por más Café, our sister company (ECC)’s technicians supported Mario with fertilization plans, farming practices and disease management.

A testament to his singular mindset, Mario has been able to achieve exceptional results on his farm as well as in the cup and is now confident enough to enter the Cup of Excellence program.

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